500th (Or Thereabouts) Post!

Officially, according to the list backstage, this is blogpost #502, but I didn't notice when the big one arrived. Actually, I've deleted a lot of posts that, upon revisiting, were bad or stupid or I no longer cared for. This is more like post number 550, I'd bet. But I have to plant the official #500 flag somewhere, I suppose; so accurately or not, here it is. Wish I had a better drawing for it!

To celebrate here's a kind of depressing, somewhat unappealing Caravaggio study.

This is a study from a detail of a Caravaggio painting. I enjoyed drawing those Giants players in my previous post but it was hard because I'm so out of practice. I'm going to try to get back to doing actual studies once in a while. So I started today!

Gave myself 30 minutes, but took about 35 or 40. I approached it like a careful study for about 25 minutes then put away the reference and just riffed a little. Opened the reference back up and tried to fix what I screwed up.

Oh well. It's fun.

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