Warming Up?

Still trying to jumpstart... something. I have ideas that have been fermenting – or perhaps rotting – but regardless of their states of ripeness or decay, perhaps they are close to being set free to soar, or tumble lifeless from the coffin.

Drawn in Photoshop. Open in new window for a larger image!
I have several short scripts and roughs for some slice-of-life comics based on (mostly) true experiences that occurred while I was out and about with my daughter when she was a baby. Now that she is on the brink of five years old, I feel I should capture those ideas before their freshness fades further.

And I've been assembling images and sounds for a short animation about my daughter that I've also been daydreaming about. The images above are experiments in search of style and inspiration for that project. That might take a while, tho.

Anyway. Onward!