And today?

A couple days back I found copies of Marvel Fanfare #'s 1 and 2 hidden away on a bookshelf; Michael Golden drawing Spider-Man! I remember when it came out 24-25 years ago! Gasp! That long?

It's still cool and it still makes me want to get out the crayons and draw pictures of Spider-Man!

So I did.

Monster Heads

I started to work on an illustration for Halloween. These heads, however, are FAR too creepy to even consider using them in some way. I'll just put these away– right here in the junk drawer– and start working on something friendlier.

The End.

Well, How About This?

I am thigh-deep in the thickest of slumps when it comes to off-duty art. For over a month I haven't found more than a few moments where free-time, the will to draw, and pen have crossed paths. It's disheartening but I'm going to get there.

So here's a sneak peak at an illustration I did a week or so ago for work. It hasn't run yet but it'll probably see the light of day next week some time.

Election Illustration Final

Here is the final illustration for the Contra Costa Times election special section. Fun to do. I hope somebody out there likes it!

Jasper's Last Charge

I love those old novels that have the illustrations with the captions under them. In my youth I would, of course, flip through the book and check out the drawings before reading, and if there was a picture that was particularly exciting, I'd skim quickly to find the part of the story it was depicting.

Most of the time I wouldn't get around to reading the book. I'd tear out the illustration, put it up on my wall and toss the book out. That way you have a mysterious story fragment with an illustration and you can think up a tale of your own to go with it.

Like this one.

The End.

Small Offerings

Sketched the little guy last night in about 5 minutes and colored him up this morning. No point to it. Aimless doodle.

Same thing with the woman. Nothing to it. Did it while talking on the phone last night at work.

The End.