Just a Few Doodles

Nothing serious. A casual sketch created during my daughter's ballet class; some heads I invented or loosely based on faces found on the internet.

Drawn on the iPad with Paper by WeTransfer –
my favorite app for sketching out in the wild.

Drawn with Clip Studio Paint
(and I still wish they'd change the name back to Manga Studio)

Drawn with Paper by WeTransfer

That's all for now...

Pollinating the Blog... With ART!

I update the blog once in a while, just to see if it still sprouts viewers. Surveying the stats, it appears that 5-20 bots look at the blog every day. Once every month or two I'll get a few of days of 200-300 hits as a few people look around after I've posted artwork somewhere else.

There is much more activity when I post regularly, but I haven't done that in a long time. After I make a new post – and get a small charge from seeing my artwork up here on the internet gallery wall – I often feel inspired to make more; and that feeling fueled the frenzy of posts I made in the early years of this blogspot endeavor. I still get that feeling even now, but it has been dulled by the fall of the community that used to revolve around blogspot and by the understandable 14-year itch.

I drew these on my iPad in Clip Studio Paint. Four of the heads were referenced from random portraits
found on the internet, but I discarded the reference after I roughed in the features. The rest I free-styled.

I've mentioned this many times before but I often worry that my working life and the ennui that settles upon most of us as we grow older has dulled the joy of making art for pleasure. When I manage to make the time to draw, I enjoy dragging the pencil across the paper – I don't much care if the result is any good, I'm there for the experience and the thrill of the moment. The drawing itself usually underwhelms me but I feel better for having done it.

So, here are some underwhelming doodles sprinkled upon the dry soil of the blog. Perhaps some viewers will appear, and perhaps more art.

The End

Fast and Furious

Here's an illustration for the April 21 Sunday front of the Mercury News and East Bay Times newspapers. Here is a link to the story about the lawyers behind the tech industry's H-1B visa boom, written by Leonardo CastaƱeda.

Drawn and colored with Clip Studio Paint.
Open in a new tab for a larger version

The concept was provided by the editors and below is the rough sketch. The wheel barrow was the first idea but it was superseded by the other one while I doodled.

The illustration did not stray from the rough, did it?

And here is what it looked like in print:

This is a pretty spare blog post so here'a a little something extra. Animated cupcakes!

The end

Want Out of the Bay Area?

This illustration ran in the East Bay Times and Mercury News a couple of weeks ago. It appeared with an excellent story by Louis Hansen online and in print. It's nice living in the SF Bay Area, but it's also pretty hard. Expensive for the middle class, crowded, the worst traffic in the world, portions of it burn down every year... etc. The story clearly hit a nerve; 1,000+ dumb comments, which is pretty high for our site.

Drawn in Clip Studio Paint and mostly colored therein.
Also, a bit of Photoshop.

For this assignment I was encouraged to cartoon away. Forget the fancy illustratin'. Just doodle and slap down some color. Lots of fun!

Here's how it looked in print.

Below is the initial sketch. Didn't change much along the way, obviously.

The End

Pandora's Box is in the mail

This illustration ran on the Bay Area News Group website and in print in their family of newspapers – Mercury News, East Bay Times – on Monday, March 4.

So, gene synthesis companies pretty much police themselves when it comes to who they send their product to. Sounds scary, but it sounds even scarier after you read this story by Lisa Krieger at the Mercury News website.

I created the illustration in Clip Studio Paint. We put the label across the bottom because we were uncertain the average newspaper reader would get it – Greek mythology might not be as in the mainstream as it used to be.

Seems the aging newspaper crowd would get it, while the younger readers might confuse it with the music streaming service. Why would they call it "Pandora" anyway?

The End.

Four Illustrations

It sure had been busy at home and at work this past month. There has been comedy, there has been calamity. There has been illness and recovery, and a quick jump back to illness again. There has been holiday fun and the fearful terror wrought by a gushing water heater.

And I did a few illustrations for work. Here is what they looked like in the paper:

Open in a new tab to embiggen.

I might update the post later with more in-depth discussion for some of the illustrations, but then again I might not.

Social media for your neighborhood. Created in Illustrator (mostly.)

I'm going through another phase where I'm uncertain of my purposes of blogging. I've used the process in the past as a way to document my workflow, to leave a brief record of what/why/how I'm doing what I'm doing.

Best California Governors. Drawn in Clip Studio Paint and a little bit of Photoshop.

I've done it to force myself to think about my work by having to explain it. I'm not sure who I am explaining this to anymore. I mean, who reads blogs?

What to do with the castoff BART cars. Drawn in Clip Studio Paint.

But, as always, if you have any comments or curiosity about any of my efforts you can ask here or on Twitter.

Comparing costs between hospitals. Clip Studio Paint and Illustrator

The end.