Drawing From Life

I started working with a live model today. This drawing (done on an ipad) is not very good but I hope to improve with practice.

The model is Miss Evelyn Beatrice Durham and she's brand new at this, too.

As I finished the drawing, I looked up and saw that it was 2:04 pm. Precisely one day and two minutes after she first made the scene.

The End.

No, wait.

A Beginning!



  1. Awesome Jeff congrats to you and your wife! Being "daddy" to a little girl is an incredible experience!
    - Patrick

  2. Congratulations Jeff! Beautiful drawing...of a beautiful girl!
    Chuck Todd

  3. Congrats Jeff!!!!!!

    Jennifer Morris

  4. Cheers, Jeff. So sweet.

    Karl Mondon

  5. Rowena CoetseeApril 24, 2012

    Love, love, love the way you introduced your little lady to the rest of the world! And Evelyn Beatrice is a beautiful, feminine, 'old-world' name. Wishing you and your wife much happiness ....

  6. Congrats Jeff and Tracy. Evelyn is absolutely beautiful. And it's wonderful to see a Daddy's love shining through in your art.

    Best, Camille

  7. Thank you for finally updating your blog!

    (seriously, though: all of the above comments, plus one: welcome to the wonderful, wild world of parenting. No words will explain how different and amazing the perspective is. Please give Tracy our love, and enjoy the heck out of the extra time off.//dave

  8. I'm beaming...and very happy for you and Tracy. My oh my...welcome to being a daddy. Such blessings I send and Tim too!

    I haven't an iPad so I don't know all that can be done on it. It's like having a sketch pad with you all the time. Lovely Jeff...

  9. Thanks to everyone for comments and emails! We are very touched by all of the correspondences we have received. Thank you all so much.

    I'm sorry I've been slow to respond. Evelyn got here about 10 days before her due date, and I am still getting ready for her arrivial while she is here. I have a ways to go yet.

    But I'll get to it! Right after this nap...