Those Crazy Kids

This illustration accompanied a story by Contra Costa Times writer Jackie Burrell about "sexting." Sexting is catching on with the teen and tween crowds and Jackie's story discusses this trend and some of the potential repurcussions. It's one of those sensitive topics that makes me flinch.

I don't mind sensitive topics. It's professionally satisfying to come up with (hopefully) tasteful ways of illustrating things that most people don't want to see illustrated. Sometimes though, the subject can seem too fraught with perils impolitic, or it is a topic that is a personal turn-off.

Well, when this assignment was pitched I tried to look like I hadn't been listening. Hm? What? Oh, yeah, well, I think... just a sec, I have to run out to my car. Etc.

I didn't have to squirm overmuch because Chuck Todd -- King of the Graphics Department and all around stand-up guy -- said that he had a few ideas for an illustration and would be happy to do it. Whew.

Time passed, I gave it no more thought. Not my assignment, not my problem. And then, one day, there was a workload siege. The department was attacked from all sides by brutish assignments and marauding chores. At the wrong time I slew a rogue project and paused to wipe my brow and clean my blade; for that briefest of moments it appeared I was not doing anything. So, Chuck Todd -- King of the Graphics Department and artful dodger -- turned to me and said "I have no time for this! Here! This is my idea! Quick, man! The deadline, she approaches with shredding claws and tearing teeth!" Or something like that.

I took a quick picture of his thumbnail with the iMac-cam
and made my drawing using Photoshop!

the end