Shopping Season

This is a really quick sketch I did at work on Saturday afternoon. Really quick. I was laying out a graphic and needed some art to fill a peculiar space. Ta daa. Pencil and Photoshop!

The end.

p.s. I just decided to try the new blogger upgrade beta thingamajig. That's why things are looking different. I don't know much about webstuff but it seems pretty easy and not too confusing. Of course it will take some time before I settle on a stable presentation. I'll probably end up going back to the original but at least my interest is piqued for a day or two!

Infographical Thingamabob

This is a graphic I did for the paper this week. I haven't done many hard-core info-grahpics before– well, maybe a couple– but this was the most fun I've had doing one yet. Lotsa painting!

Photoshop with a touch of illustrator.



This is the way I feel. Hate it. So, when the editors at work asked me to illustrate this idea for a story it popped out and onto the page (screen) sooo easily.

I plugged in my little TV last week for the first time in a long time and tried to watch the Colts/Patriots game, just because, well, how could you go wrong? Colts! Patriots!

Ugh. Pretty good game but the commercials beat me into submission. I was so worn out I almost turned it off in the 3rd quarter. So many dumb commercials and so many repeated pleadings to watch their crummy TV shows. Every pause between plays was crammed full of "CSI" and "ER" (or whatever) advertisements.

I've unplugged the TV again and put it back on the shelf, and it's likely to stay that way for a long time. Until the next Colts Patriots game, I figure! Or until I feel the need to play my old Sega Genesis.

Painted in Photoshop! It runs this Saturday in the Contra Costa Times and the affiliated papers.

The End.

Politically Polite

Photoshop illustration for a story about getting along with your fellow humans of differing political persuasions during the election season.

Doodled in photoshop.