That Unfinished Comics Page I Posted A Couple Months Back?

Got around to finishing the thing last night.

It comes from nowhere, and goes nowhere. What is here is all there is of this, and there will be no more of that. That said, it's done, whatever it was.

Open in a new window for a slightly larger and perhaps readable view.
Drawn in Photoshop.

The End

Look, Up In The Sky It's A Bird! It's A Plane! No, It's A Burd!

Here's a drawing done for the San Jose Mercury News Sunday business section. The story, by Heather Somerville, can be found here.

Open in new window for SUPER-HUGE image!

Steve Burd, the CEO of Safeway will be retiring soon, and the article explores his legacy. Was he super-heroic, or was he as helpful as a hole in a bag?

Concept, design and layout by Daymond Gascon and Chuck Todd; I got to do the fun and easy part!

On this occasion, I drew a rough in Photoshop and moved to Manga Studio 5 for most of the drawing and inking. I was going to color in MS5 but I haven't worked with it on deadline before, so I fled back to the comfort of Photoshop when I got lost amongst the unfamiliar quick-keys and mysterious brush controls!

Here's about how it will look if you find a newspaper out in the wild, except it's missing the fold in the middle.

The End

Posterous Is Dead

I started posting at Posterous in 2011. The blog you are reading -- a sturdy old BlogSpot production -- was and is my formal blog, and I started using Tumblr for quick, informal blog-spasms. I didn't quite know what to do with Posterous, but I didn't want to be left out if it blossomed into something way cool!

Well, I didn't see much action or activity there. Within a few weeks, Posterous faded from my routine and from thought. In all, I only managed five posts there, and I would never have thought about it again, but for the email I received from them yesterday informing me that they were shutting down. What a surprise!

So, in remembrance -- lest I forget to ever remember them again -- here are the pieces I posted to Posterous. They might exist in some form on the this blog's past, but I don't want to expend the energy to looking for them.

It looks like I just zoomed in and took detail shots of my work.
That's a cheap way of padding a blog. Hmm. Kind of like this post, maybe...

And the following piece -- which definitely is on this blog some where in the past -- is a rerun but, for the Jeff Durham Posterous Collection® completists, I include it here.

Self portrait of Me, working late on the job.

The End.