Where Did The Pokemon Go Go?

I drew this for a short piece – written by Angela Hill – that ran in the Bay Area News Group's quarterly magazine. And, just now, I see that they published it online, as well. Angela always does good work.

Drawn in Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop. Open in a new window for a very large image.

The article pondered the sudden rise and swift fall of the Pokemon Go phenomenon. My illustrative offering suggests that, possibly, they were hunted to extinction.

This fad did not capture me. I think my gray hair and bifocals rendered me Pokemon Go-proof. Or perhaps it is because my daughter is too young and therefore I was not swept up in the excitement.

I'm more of a retro-gamer. If it's not more than twenty years old I won't even look at your "silly video game." I sort of faded from the cutting edge when the Sega Genesis disappeared from the toy stores. But I do game on the iPad and hit websites like GOG.com where they sell old computer games on the cheap. Masters of Orion 2 is my latest purchase, along with Afterlife and EV Nova; and I occasionally fire up my late 90s iMac to play Unreal Tournament (1999 edition.)

That means, twenty years from now, Pokemon might seem cool to me. So, you might find me wandering the streets in 2037 with my retro 2016 iPhone, dancing and waving my cane while I shout: "I finally got the Squirtle!"

The End

Some Head Doodles

I haven't done much lately, so I whipped up a few quick head scribbles.

Drawn in Photoshop!

I'm trying to find extra time for personal work, and I have a comics project I'm really hoping to get to. With luck and determination, I aim to have some substantial output to share here. If not, I'll doodle more heads or some other slightly lame thing...

Return to Santa

For a story that can help you with what to do about those unwanted presents! Ran on X-mas day. I really enjoyed making the boxes, and Santa's house was fun, too. I actually like this one!

Drawn in Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop

I've been on a two-week vacation with family, which was nice. There was a lot of driving, sight-seeing and coping with a wretched cold that is finally losing its grip. 

Hope to have more to show in this coming year. I have a goal of putting something once a week! I know, I've said that before. This time I kinda mean it.

Goals for 2017: 
I hope for more drawing time. 
An improvement in health through exercise.
A better job or a major improvement in the one I've got.
The usual...

Here's how it looked in print!

The End.
Happy New Year!