Goin' Sketchin'

I want to appologize for the word verification thing on the comments. I know it's a hassle but I received a flurry of ad postings that absolutely ruined my day. It hadn't been too bad before that-- one here, one there-- but enough's enough. There should be some way of correcting the problem (involving pain) for those who do the sending. That's all on that.

No, I'm not going out sketching today. I haven't done a self-portrait in a while, and I drew me the way that my "Jeff: Art-guy" action figure would probably look straight out of the box. That's a wide-brimmed hat hanging off the back of my neck. In the pouch would be a small pad of paper, a pen, a pencil, a pair of sunglasses that fit over the top of my regular glasses and about fifteen bucks for a burger and a couple of beers-- the best part of going out sketching.

My arms are not that long and I'm usually smiling. Other than that it's absolutely life-like.

The End.


I have this box of crumpled folders and paper next to my desk at work and I've been contributing to this "archive" for a few years. Thumbnails for work projects, notes, phone numbers, bad sketches, good sketches and a lot more bad sketches.

I've gone through it and I can use some of it as a blog crutch-- drawings to scan and color and post for those times when I haven't the time/energy for making new stuff. Like today. Yeah, I can probably take the rest of the year off.

So, these heads are quick pencil and ink things I did at work. Idle moments, talking on the phone, waiting for stuff to print-- I've been pretty good about doing something for myself when I have down-time, and a big part of that is just keeping a pencil and piece of paper within reach. Colored in photoshop!

King of the Jungle

Have you ever read Edgar Rice Burroughs's "Tarzan of the Apes?" I am not as well-read in the area of early 20th century american pulp-fiction as I would like to be, but it's one of my favorite adventure stories.

Uh oh, I feel a long essay coming on and I don't have the time. So, forget it. Here's a cartoon of Tarzan and a monkey.

Ta daa!

The End.

The Lonely Ranger

Pencil drawing, scanned and stained with digital crayons.

The End

(p.s.: "Excerpt" is how that should be spelled there in the picture. No spell check when you're using a danged pencil!)

Cindy and the Hummingbird of Mystery!

I've been pretty busy of late and done very little after-work art. This is a little something I whipped up the other day. It's one of those "unfinished and probably never will be" pieces.

Most likely I'll work on it some more (because I have this idea for a different background!) but it is just a doodle, after all, and that was what I started this whole blog thing for in the first place. Doodle public storage. I'll update it later. Probably.