2010: The Slow Start

What can I say? There has been very little art for me to show in the past several months. My job at the newspaper has not given me many illustrative opportunities, and I've taken on a second job that has absorbed most of the time I have used in the past for personal artistic creation and exploration.

This making-a-living thing can be tedious!

And yet, I am not down-- quite the opposite. I have hopes! In the spirit of the "new year resolution"-- wherein one's resolve is more often than not exposed as whim, (and my resolve is even more suspect, indicated by the ghastly tardiness of this year's perjury)-- I am pledging to draw more. That's a good start, right? I find that the more I draw, the more I want to draw. I believe I simply have to get back into the habit; once I do, I cannot be stopped-- at least until the next slump!

2010 is a sloth. 2010 is aging quickly, for I see that February is upon us. And January? He hasn't done much. January has slept in. I will try to tweak the nose of February as he arrives and see if this month can rouse itself and go on an adventure.

Above. Pencil doodles done at work, next to the phone over several days. Inked with a felt-tip pen and painted in P-shop in the morning on my day off.
The End