The Blog's First Cat Picture!

The official goal for this project is to put up something new once a week, give or take a day or two. In addition to something new I'll probably post older doodles from my dismantled blog, simply because I miss seeing them around.

Something new: This is a photoshop drawing of one of my cats, done this week for Niece Natalie.

Something not new at all: This is an ancient p-shop painting of a bird.

Something sorta not that old: This was done only a month or so ago. I've had this character popping up in sketches for the past couple of years. She's the one wrasslin' with the space cowgirl in the "Interesting Sci-Fi" pulp cover from last week.

Here's the first drawing I ever did her. She looked a bit friendlier then.
P.S. I think this was the first thing I did after I figured out how to lay down a canvas texture in photoshop! Got a little carried away with it there, I think.

One last thing:

Trying new things

And I suppose that is what this is all about-– doing something new and different.

I've been keeping an ArtBlog on my website for some time but, alas, nary an eye has fallen upon it these past few months. In the beginning some very considerate people took it upon themselves to click on the email link and send me a comment but it has now been over a year since somebody took that extra step. I've leaned in the direction of losing interest upon occasion but having recently seen the population boom of artists using this service I've decided to give this a go.

It is time to move out of my tiny yet comfortable room and hang some pictures in a gallery closer to the beaten path and with better lighting.

I hate to abandon my old project but it's obvious that this is easier on the audience and can be easier on me. . . once I figure out how to get things to look like I want them to look. I feel sad and tired as I think of the time I spent building that other gallery in the middle of the night, a furiously clicking mouse under my palm and "Pagemill 2.0 for dummies" sitting dog-eared on my lap.

Wow, I hated that.

So, it might be a little choppy here as I start anew with uploads, reloads, deleting and all that comes with moving into a new place. Things should settle down in a couple of weeks and I can trudge forward with ease and confidence.

I'll be posting new scribbles along with pre-made old-blog art just to get my feet wet and to decorate the walls with some familiar pictures-- hopefully killing some of the strangeness of the new and making it more homey for me.

To that end, here is the first thing I ever posted on my ill-fated blog. It was a simple, mindless doodle but in retrospect it was very appropriate. It is a character-- perhaps slightly hideous, in his way-- stepping out on-stage, into the spotlight entirely naked and performing with vigor! He seems not to care how he might be perceived-- it is, after all, the the sincerity and the dignity of the performance that matters to his artistic soul.

As far as we can tell, he might not even have an audience. Still, he goes on.

And I suppose that, too, is what this is all about.