Seven Years of Blogging

Today, the 19th of February, marks the end of this blog's 7th year. I hesitate to say that today also marks the beginning of the 8th year because I haven't been a very good blogger of late and Year 8 might be a very weak character.

I'm not planning on stopping entirely, but I may take a long break, or perhaps I'll open up a new blog somewhere else. I think I need a change of scenery, or a new start; that might be reinvigorating! Or maybe I'll upload a new banner and get back to posting regularly tomorrow. I have no idea.

I made these biscuits back in November. They are little stale, but they still look kind of fresh!

I'm in a horrible art-slump. I haven't made the time or found the energy for my own projects, and I haven't been digging the work I've done on the job at all. 

I'm pretty certain I have a touch of that mid-life crisis thing going on. Am I doing what I want to do? Do I know what I want to do? Should I quit my lousy job and work at the local bookstore only to find out that is an even lousier job?

Wait. The bookstores are all gone. I guess I have to keep doing what I'm doing. Or do I?

Don't mind me. I haven't had a proper whining session or an on-internet meltdown in a long time.

Happy 7th, Blog! 

The End?