Tired of the holidays yet?

Our paper invited the readers to submit humorous lyrics set to the music of holiday tunes. There was some pretty good stuff in there.

I created this image in Photoshop.

The end.

Party On!

Illustration for a story on how NOT to behave at an office party– but not everybody is going to read it and take the advice, so the rest of us will still have something horribly embarrassing to talk about.

For this piece I drew all of the characters, individually, on real paper and scanned them in. Just plain old pencil and photoshop! I'm enjoying the drawing I do away from the computer and I think the old looser, more relaxed line is finding its way back into my work.

I regret not having attacked this illustration with more vigor at an earlier date– I had to finish it up much more quickly than I anticipated due to bad planning on my part. I envisioned about 6 more characters and a slightly different composition but I think it came together pretty well in spite of my efforts to fail.

For some reason– and I know better than this– I drew each character, scanned it in, colored it; then the next character, draw, scan, color. I should have drawn them all first, scanned, designed the composition and then attacked the coloring. I found myself going back and re-coloring stuff as I tried to arrange the layout on the go. Bad.

Still, I had fun with it. Beats working.

The End.