Surfer Sketch

This is a test for an illustration I'm doing for work. The plan is to go an advance screening of the new Fantastic Four movie and then do an illustration/graphic about it to accompany the review. It looks like there is going to be very little time to work on it after I see the movie, so I'm trying to do a few pieces of art that I can assemble and tweak quickly and still have it pertain to the movie reviewer's story.
...I have an idea on how to do it now but I had a busy last day at work and didn't get much/anything done. Looks like it's an over the weekend project.
...That's okay. I'm having fun.
...I did a loose figure sketch in photoshop, "inked" it in illustrator and then took it back into photoshop to color it. It might not even make it into the final!

The End.