Maybe You Should Get A Real Camera

This is a digital painting I did last week for Troy Woverton's story about why you might want to invest in a digital camera and not just rely on your smartphone for taking pics.

There is a cluster of similar-sized triangle shapes with the lapels,
the collar and the mountain on the screen; that's kind of bad design
but I didn't notice it until the very end. I wish I could have fixed
that, or maybe played it up so I could say I did it on purpose. 

I finished the above painting just before the print deadline. For the online version below, I was able to finish his other arm. I design illustrations primarily for print and then tweak them so they will look okay for online. I probably should have roughed in some kind of background but my hand was a bit crampy and so I opted for just throwing down an ill-advised texture thingie. 

So, here is how it looked in the paper:

And, just for kicks, here is the rough I made while brainstorming:

I was looking at a few pictures of young Ansel Adams when I drew this. I wasn't trying to do an obvious portrait of him, aiming instead to capture that frontier and wilderness photographer vibe. He's the standard for that, I think.

Just A Doodle

Here are a couple of panels that don't mean anything. I did these in an attempt to jump-start my personal work. I spent about four hours on this over the course of a week. I started to color it but I decided that I'd spent enough time on it, and I don't think color would have helped it much.

Drawn, painted in Photoshop!!

Happy New Year!

The End