Found Art

While going through some old folders on a old backup disc I found this little drawing:
Consulting the creation date on the file it appears that this was completed in November of 2004. I do remember this ran with a historical piece which was about a game where only ONE fan showed up. I don't recall if it was a pro game and I don't recall when the game took place-- I have a feeling it was before the Babe played but I couldn't say for sure.
....I haven't found a hard copy of this in my stack of yellowing paper clips and I don't know how it was used in the paper. This is one of those moments where I've found something I would never have thought about again and I don't have a vivid memory of doing it. There is a sense when I look at it that it could be someone else's work. Kinda cool when that happens.
....I'm intrigued by the artist's use of color. There is a dreamy quality to it that I haven't seen in his other work. I wonder how he did it!


Head Doodles!

Just goofing around and drawing heads freestyle-- no idea what they're going to look like until they happen, if that makes any sense.
HB pencil, "inked" with a 6B pencil, and sloppily shaded with the HB again. Colored in photoshop!

Spring Training

Here is a photoshop drawing for a story about how baseball seems to have it easier than other sports when it comes time for training camp.
....Football players have their Two-a-days, weight training, blocking sleds, ice baths, day after day after day. Basketball players practice constantly; seemingly endless drills and scrimmages.
....Baseball's spring training is tame by comparison. Players chat with fans, shag flies in the outfield, slowly and leisurely getting into game shape-- whatever that means to a baseball player.

... It's kind of a soft, cute illustration, I admit. I had plenty of warning that the assignment was coming, and I should have come up with something meatier, if you know what I mean.
....Alas, I made no meaningful headway until the day before it was due. I hadn't spent quality time with the concept so I ad-libbed it a bit. Turned out okay, I guess.
....Had a lot of fun drawing the characters! Runs Wednesday, February 11th in most of the SF Bay Area MediaNews newspapers! Get a copy! Bound to be a collector's item for sure!

Work In Progress: Norman Finch

I'm trying to finish a short comic I was working on a few years ago. I did a full-color, half-page installment every week or two for a few months and posted it on my website, and I had a good time with it. I composed it entirely on the computer, from story to rough to final, in an attempt to teach myself how to go about doing such a thing.
...I stopped working on it because of a long-term freelance job, which was followed by a huge increase in commute time at my regular job. This was back in the days before the blog and the social network site had become ubiquitous-- and I wasn't even sure what that was all about-- so not very many (if any) people saw it.  I don't think anyone ever responded to my plea at the end of each installment to email their thoughts on the project. It was disappointing that nobody said anything. And it's a pretty dull story to draw-- there are a lot of talking heads; so that, too, hastened the inevitable loss of interest.
...I've held onto the idea of starting it up again when I felt I could generate the momentum to finish it. A few months ago I decided that I'd try to complete this and another short project to include in a comic that I could show at WonderCon. Well, illness and accident destroyed all of January and I probably won't get it done in time, but I'm still trying to ride that good intention.
...Here's the panel I did yesterday morn! I'll post the whole thing at some point, or make a pdf available with a cover and all that stuff. I might make a little book, too.

The End.

Cute Today!

Today I'm hard at work on a personal project, but this little doodle happened off to the side. Eh. Awful cute. Awful.
...I'll try for barbarians battling robot muscle cars in the near future to make up for this.