A Little Rejected

This is a rough for a project at work. It's not going to be used, so I thought it might look nice on the blogwall.

Passing By
I linked their pinkies at the last moment, and that seems to give it more interest, if that kind of thing is interesting to you. Weird thing is, I feel like I've seen that idea before. I don't like stealing; at least not without knowing where I'm stealing from.

When I first drew the characters they reminded me of Earl Oliver Hurst -- a big art-hero of mine -- but, when I started coloring, they began to look more like Tadahiro Uesugi drawings -- another huge art-hero. I looked at some of their work as inspiration, and I've obviously leaned in Uesugi's direction.

The End.

Goofing Around Again

More nonsense characters. I've been awfully busy with work and family visitations this month, and I feel like I haven't had time to focus on anything for longer than a few minutes. I've been fiddling with these two scribbles for a couple of weeks and took about an hour this morning to try to polish them off.

Like the two in the previous post, I have no idea what they are. I thought they looked silly when they first appeared beneath my pen, and maybe I should have made them even sillier. They are only moderately strange instead of excitingly so.

Character Studies (?)

I have no idea.

I started these as an exercise in character design. As usual, I strayed from the purpose of drawing something that could be helpful to my portfolio. Could you see these as Star Wars characters? Perhaps as designs for the hot new Xbox game? Me either.

Again, I self-destruct.

Still, I dig that lady's pants.

Character Doodles

Busy weekend done. Time to squeeze in a drawing before bed. Three characters! You must provide your own story...

Bonus art, just for fun: Step 1, roughing them out. Step 2, refining the drawing. Step three, laying down some flat colors. Maybe I should have stopped there, that looks fine to me.
 All of it drawn in Photoshop.

The End.

Another Study

Here's a rough hewn painting I did this morning. I'm staring down the barrel of a multi-chore weekend , so this may be the only thing I do. If I post another it means I'm putting stuff off.

Georgia Hale, the leading cutie in Chaplin's "Gold Rush."