The Blog's First Cat Picture!

The official goal for this project is to put up something new once a week, give or take a day or two. In addition to something new I'll probably post older doodles from my dismantled blog, simply because I miss seeing them around.

Something new: This is a photoshop drawing of one of my cats, done this week for Niece Natalie.

Something not new at all: This is an ancient p-shop painting of a bird.

Something sorta not that old: This was done only a month or so ago. I've had this character popping up in sketches for the past couple of years. She's the one wrasslin' with the space cowgirl in the "Interesting Sci-Fi" pulp cover from last week.

Here's the first drawing I ever did her. She looked a bit friendlier then.
P.S. I think this was the first thing I did after I figured out how to lay down a canvas texture in photoshop! Got a little carried away with it there, I think.

One last thing:

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