Sketchbook Project Thoughts and CONAN!

I am rethinking the usefulness of this Head Sketchbook Project. It's pretty dull stuff. I'm sure it's good for me but I wonder if dedicating the time to scanning and typing about a collection of so-so head-drawings is of interest.
...I have a number of these efforts scanned in-- accompanied by way too much yammering-- in the "draft" stage, but I should throw some of this effort into doing something more meaningful.
...I'll finish out what I've started and I'll keep drawing, but I won't make it a priority.

This doodle was inspired by a recent comics acquisition. I picked up GIANT-SIZE CONAN #'s 3, 4, and 5. They were published in 1975 and # 3 has art by Gil Kane inked by Tom Sutton-- absolutely amazing work. I'm a fan of both those guys but I'd never seen them in tandem. Delicious.
...Here is a question and if there's a Conan comics aficionado who can shed light on this I'd appreciate a post or email:
The story in Giant-Size Conan 3 is continued in #4, but #4 is not continued in #5! Where did it go? I didn't see any clue in the "next issue" blurb. I've looked around a bit and haven't found a good lead for where it was concluded!

Conan head, ink & paper, stained with digital color.

The End