Surfer Sketch

This is a test for an illustration I'm doing for work. The plan is to go an advance screening of the new Fantastic Four movie and then do an illustration/graphic about it to accompany the review. It looks like there is going to be very little time to work on it after I see the movie, so I'm trying to do a few pieces of art that I can assemble and tweak quickly and still have it pertain to the movie reviewer's story.
...I have an idea on how to do it now but I had a busy last day at work and didn't get much/anything done. Looks like it's an over the weekend project.
...That's okay. I'm having fun.
...I did a loose figure sketch in photoshop, "inked" it in illustrator and then took it back into photoshop to color it. It might not even make it into the final!

The End.


  1. Gotta luv those Kirby 'dots' !

  2. i just stumbled over your blog, its now bookmarked =)

    thx for giving me some ideas for my own sketchbook, keep updating!