This is bizarre, but... yes! I did this. Don't believe me? I don't blame you. It looks like it came from someone else and I am lying about it being mine. But unless you can prove I'm lying, this is my work.

I'm not too clear on what the story was about. Perhaps it was a "soccer-mom" thing. Maybe it had something to do with diet? This I offer because the food seems to be the center of attention in the composition... and as I type that, it almost rings a bell. Pasta, milk, fruit, potatoes... potatoes? Does that seem like a good mix of foods? I'm not a dietitian by any stretch-- I'm a pizza and pop-tarts kind of guy-- but that looks weird to me.

Stylistically, I was obviously trying to do something "different." Was it my idea, or was it done at the urging of an editor? Couldn't tell you. This is about ten years old and the clarity of my memory fizzles out about three hours into the past.

The characters were drawn in pencil and the coloring was done in photoshop. By me! Really!

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