Scribbly Doodle

While fleshing out ideas for a work-related illustration, I drew this with the brush tool in illustrator. It's only a brainstorming doodle; rejected, useless and cast aside. It's no good and no good to anyone. I know; I'll blog it!

I slapped KISS on his back while prepping for this post. I'm in the throes of a personal KISS revival after not paying attention to their music for a couple of decades, and I'm a bit obsessed at the moment.  

I think I'm regressing. Funny, I wish my kid-sister lived in the room next-next door so I could play "Strutter" real loud just to annoy her.

I was probably a 10-year-old boy when I first heard/saw them and they appealed to the cravings of my 10-year-old boy-ness – loud electric guitars, explosions, super-hero and science-fiction characters, naughty lyrics – and I had no defense. I begged my parents for the Alive! album and spun that thing over and over on the turntable.

Oh, the sound of the needle settling down on the record and that crackling, popping moment of silence before the music started. That's gotta be the best way to listen to KISS albums!

I still have my old records but, alas, no turntable. So, I'll spotify 'em until the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Santa or some other psuedo-religious consumer-society mascot-patron blesses me with one.

THe End

Well, that post veered out of control, didn't it?

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