Posterous Is Dead

I started posting at Posterous in 2011. The blog you are reading -- a sturdy old BlogSpot production -- was and is my formal blog, and I started using Tumblr for quick, informal blog-spasms. I didn't quite know what to do with Posterous, but I didn't want to be left out if it blossomed into something way cool!

Well, I didn't see much action or activity there. Within a few weeks, Posterous faded from my routine and from thought. In all, I only managed five posts there, and I would never have thought about it again, but for the email I received from them yesterday informing me that they were shutting down. What a surprise!

So, in remembrance -- lest I forget to ever remember them again -- here are the pieces I posted to Posterous. They might exist in some form on the this blog's past, but I don't want to expend the energy to looking for them.

It looks like I just zoomed in and took detail shots of my work.
That's a cheap way of padding a blog. Hmm. Kind of like this post, maybe...

And the following piece -- which definitely is on this blog some where in the past -- is a rerun but, for the Jeff Durham Posterous Collection® completists, I include it here.

Self portrait of Me, working late on the job.

The End.

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