Just Goofin' Around

There hasn't been much time for personal art over the past few months, but I'm trying to get it going. No more laying in bed at bedtime and playing pinball on the iPad! Might as well get up and do something!

Open in a new window for a much larger image.

Scribbled up the little lady on the left and worked on her for 10 or 20 minutes at a time over a few weeks. I put the lady on the right in because the spot was empty.  I bashed her out in a few sessions over a couple of days. I had a little extra art-time due to a bout of insomnia brought on by a sick daughter who was up most of the night. Sure has made going to work hard this week but who needs sleep?

There is no real purpose to these drawings other than just play. I think of them as characters for a really dumb sci-fi fantasy show that will never be made.

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