Yet Another Minor Post

I hate it when this stagnant little pool of my artistic runoff begins to congeal. Time to scrape off the top layer of blogscum and pour another small cup of feeble-but-freshly-excreted drawing into the mix to freshen the waters!

Between five and ten minutes burned from my life while drawing this.

Evelyn Beatrice (EvelBea to you and me) was stretched out on the floor, moving her little lego people in a sleepy fashion, with nap time certainly overtaking her. I covertly grabbed the ipad and opened up the app, "Paper."

Three finger swipes into the drawing, she began to thrash about, fighting off the sandman by rolling back and forth and spinning about on her side in the comical manner of Curly Howard. So this is a drawing made while observing the most uncooperative of life models. It's funny that – in my objective critique of this doodle – the worst part is the poor observation of perspective in the rendering of the floor and base of the furniture; neither of those were moving.

Oh, well. Keep practicing!

Afterword: I have a few things to post, but haven't carved out the time to do it. Soon, for the stagnant pool's sake.