Trillion Dollar Apple

Hello, Blog, it's been a while. Work has been a bit slow as far as creating art is concerned, and there just aren't as many illustration opportunities as there used to be. Oh, I've done a couple of others since my last update two or so months ago but I haven't been fired up enough to show them off here. Maybe I'll circle back and post one or two, I just looked at them and they're not that terrible.

This one was drawn for the occasion of Apple becoming the first publicly traded company to hit the trillion dollar mark. I thumbnailed a few (silly) ideas, the editors picked this one, and I inked & colored it in Clip Studio Paint. Fun to do, of course, and it makes me want to do more. I should really try to get back into freelancing, but it's been a while and I'm busy at work, drained on my days off and generally feeling a bit mopey lately. 

Anyway. Positive energy coming soon. I just had a coffee! See? Better already...

Created with Clip Studio Paint for the Friday, August 3
edition of the Mercury News and East Bay Times