Lost Memories, But a Shiny New Window for the Car!

Last month, a villain broke a window on my car and swiped a pouch from the back seat. (The door was unlocked, silly burglar!) The criminal was likely disappointed by the plunder; they made off with only pens, pencils and a sketchbook.

My five-year old daughter drawing in our Art-studio (my 5 foot folding table in the corner)

Alas, the sketchbook held about ten years of doodles, all drawn by me and the kid; drawings at the park, at the beach, at the zoo, sitting in the coffee shop. Drawings of my daughter during her ballet classes when she was six years old.

Sketch of my kid during ballet classAnother sketch of my kid during ballet class

I’m over it now, mostly. But here are a few of the doodles lost. I took pictures of some pages over the years, but not very many. It had a black faux-leather cover, and if you held it just so in the light, you could see a black sharpie caricature of me, drawn by a four or five year old Evelyn. That was my favorite drawing in the book.

Two drawings by my daughter, iirc drawn while drinking hot chocolate in a coffee shop.

We took turns drawing birds on a very cold day at the park.

Not totally down in the dumps over it, but watch out! There are some real jerks roving around out in the real world.
The End

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