Post # 50, that is. My goal was to reach 100 this year, but that's looking like it might be a little out of range. Still, who'd'a thunk I'd make it to 50? Not I.

I've started a new job. I now work in the News Graphics department of the Contra Costa Times, and I'm still slightly dazzled by all the new routines I have to learn. Although it's technically the same type of job I had before, it requires a broader knowledge of more programs and operating systems, and the server set-up is more complicated than I'm used to. I know it's simply a matter of time until it becomes routine but I'm in "new-guy" mode, so my brain is slightly panicky.

The old job worked me extra hard right up until the end and the new one is really occupying my days and my thoughts here at the beginning, so I haven't had much time for personal work. And the commute! I'm losing one-and-a-half to two-hours to travel time, so far. That pretty much crushes what used to be my personal drawing time. I'll find a way to get it back eventually-- drawing on breaks, getting up an hour or so earlier, whatever.

Onward and upward, right? Onward, at least!

Today's post: Some quick doodles done late at night before I started the new job-- the only drawing I've done outside of work this past month. Pencil and pen on plain old paper. Colored in P-shop.

The End.