Taxes. No death; taxes are bad enough.

This illustration is for a story about some of your options for dealing with taxes. Do you buy software? Do you hand them over to a tax professional and let him/her sort it all out for you? Do take your calculator in hand and do them yourself?

If I could afford it I'd pay someone to do them for me, so I wouldn't know how much of a cut Uncle Sam takes. It sure is frustrating to look at the difference between the Net and Gross columns on the old paycheck, isn't it?

I suppose that's where the feeling of this piece comes from, and I bet-- regardless of income bracket-- that we all feel a little disappointed when we are confronted with our annual loss.

I made myself sad with this one. Poor little piggy. Pure photoshop done on my zippy li'l iMac at work.

The End.

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