Weird Travel Illustration

This illustration accompanied a collection of travel stories written by high-school students. I read the stories, made a mental note of some of the imagery that popped out at me and I started scribbling.

I made a surrealistic mess of it– it's very monochromatic and confusing to look at. I hope it is an "interesting" kind of confusing; meaning that I hope you look at it and say "Ooh! What's going on here?" instead of "What the hell is going on here?"

The story I riffed on from the outset was a very dark and moody piece about London. I grooved that tone and just let the shapes swoop across the page, inviting imagery from the other stories drift in when and where they wanted. Ultimately, I feel that this piece is a good start; I'd love to go back and revise and work in other things that occurred to me as I finished it up, but this is drawing for deadlines. It's not very often I get to do "studies" for a final piece. Never. Thumbnails? Sure. Studies? Nah.

The headline and introduction fit into the white space up there on the left and then it teases to the stories inside.

The End

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