Have You Heard of "Harry Potter?"

It's this book, you see, about a magician, and I think it's pretty popular with the kids. At the paper we've run several stories relating to Harry Potter books; and there's even a movie! It's crazy! Keep you eyes peeled and your ears open and maybe you'll come across it.

...Enough of that. I was going to keep playing dumb for the rest of this post but I'm out of energy already.
...I've been working on a Home & Garden illustration about some of the magical plants from the Harry Potter books. I am not a Harry Potter-ophile. God knows how I avoided that particular bug, considering I can geek out to just about ANY fantasy/sci-fi/children's book shtick-- I tried to read the first book but it just didn't click-- but, fortunately, our resident master gardener, Joan Morris, is a Potter-nerd, and provided some nice descriptions for me.
...I avoided looking at anybody else's art, working from real plant reference or pure imagination. I've done nine or ten drawings and I used most of them for a section front layout. It won't run for a few days so-- not wanting to spoil it for those who might want to wait for the paper-- I'll just show this one!

Photoshop drawing!
The End.

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