With Regrets. . .

I posted my preparatory Silver Surfer doodle several entries ago. I sketched it quickly in photoshop and inked it in illustrator, with an eye toward experimenting as to how to approach the coloring for the final illustration. I treated it as a study, not as the final; I was focused more on establishing the technique and not on making a strong drawing-- I didn't give it the consideration I should have.
...The very same drawing (with minor cleanup) made it into the final version that went to print. Bummer that. What's the matter with his leg? It's pretty awkward, says this critic.
...As I recall, I saw the movie and afterwards, consulted with the Contra Costa Times' ace movie critic, Mary F. Pols, about what we wanted to do with this piece-- how it should relate to and compliment her review. I went back to work, drew the heads and did a quick layout/arrangement. Colored most of it then, too. The next morning I added the text -- provided by Mary -- tweaked the layout and sent it off. Never really "looked" at the drawing again... until I saw it hanging on the newsroom wall a few days after it had run.
...All I saw was some kind of disjointed hip action going on. Weird, puffy thigh. Ack.
...Well, I have a feeling if the King ever drew a bad leg he wouldn't have gone back and fixed it either. No erasing! Forward!
The End.

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