Sex On TV

For this assignment I was given the ticklish task of illustrating a concept without, you know, illustrating the concept. Oh! how many captivating-yet- vulgar little doodles were squelched during the brainstorming phase by the restrictive tethers of taste, tact and fear of losing one's job by offending everybody.
...When dealing with a subject carrying a heftiness of cultural contention I find that it is sometimes safest to smile, wink and be as cute as you can possibly be.
...So, by golly and by gum, here 'tis. Ta daa!

......Having decided upon a light, cartoon-ey treatment, I put on my clown nose and my clown wig, and I did my preliminary drawings while listening to a jaunty calliope version of "Turkey in the Straw," which I played over and over until I could not stop laughing! Ha! Ha ha ha! Ha! (help.)
...I took those sketches into Illustrator and polished them up while improvising a humorous-- although slightly naughty-- conversation between the two characters with the aid of many deep puffs of helium. And I ended the performance with a rousing chorus of "Turkey in the Straw," also fueled by helium.
...I took the finished drawings back into photoshop and laid down the color scheme, no doubt getting my inspiration from the morphing spots and blossoming swirls of psychedelic colors brought on by excessive exposure to helium and to "Turkey in the Straw."
...Seriously, it only took a couple of hours from start to finish, while I attended to several other tasks on a busy day in the office. It sure is nice when it goes so smoothly, although it felt very frantic at the time.
The End.