Football Season

...This is the cover for the prep football special section. The feature story addressed the trend in local high-school coaches being wooed to take jobs at schools that are in the same area or even possibly at schools considered football rivals. It's really cut-throat, I guess. (The lettering on the signs refers to the different divisions, or so I was told.)
...The concept was nailed down ahead of time and I tried to come up with an interesting design. Eh, it's okay. I had fun with it until I had to start thinking about the headline and making room for text. Sometimes you just don't want to face it.
...I did worry that maybe it doesn't say "FOOTBALL" as boldly as perhaps it should, but must every football related design package be so blunt and obvious? Must it be about pigskin, eye-black, blood and dirty uniforms? I say thee, nay. It can be about bright colors and chubby cartoon characters parading about in a leisurely manner. Can't it?
...What would Dick Butkus say?
The End