Two For The Price Of One Today!

...Columnist Candace Murphy is one of the writers I've had the pleasure to work with for several years. She's brilliant and a great writer-- a true artist. She has a terrific range topically and stylistically, but when she's in light-humor mode I think my work (always light) sits humbly and comfortably next to it.
...She's rather hung up on the baby topic lately-- since there is one impending-- so, I get to do two in a row that are thematically linked!
...#1 is a photoshop drawing for a story about baby naming trends.

...#2 is a "drawing" done in Illustrator, for a story about things not to do/say to pregnant women.

The End


  1. Love the bottom one. That should make the slideshow of NPD easy.

  2. Oh, I would consider taking out the belly button though. it's hard to read the text over it, and to tell you the truth, just doesn't fit with the rest of the illo.