The Game Plan

This is an illustration for a trilogy of articles about game-planning for pro, college and high-school football. Stylistically, it doesn't look like something I'd do. I'm not fond of the drop-shadowed, vector illustration-- probably because I'm not very good at it.
...I like to see that the human hand was involved somehow. I'm a total hypocrite, I know, considering I do almost ALL of my work on a computer, but you know what I mean!
...Still, I was pretty happy with it. It's not one of my favorites and it's not designed all that well (that ear, for example, doesn't seem to fit right) but I'll give it a C for effort and efficiency. I started with one quick thumbnail and drew the head in photoshop at the beginning of my shift. I came back to it many hours later and slapped it together before ending my day. No fussing allowed.

The End.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jeff

    Really nice job on this. When I first looked at it quick, I didn't think it was something you did so I was suprised to see it.

    I think it turned out fantastic though. I am not a huge fan of working in vector either. Maybe it feels too restricting for me? or I am just not used to it.

    anyway, good job though. If you are concerned with the ear, maybe all you need to do is smooth out some of the shapes in it so it's more curved? I am not sure. I think it looks fine.