No Ball Games Today (Updated!)

This is a preliminary rough for an illustration. The topic: addressing the dilemma of what to do on those days when there are no sporting events.
...I kind of like it. It's energetic and fun. Maybe I can persuade the editors to take it like this-- not just because I'm busy and it will be less work, but because it is different and energetic. I will try.
...Later: I am suddenly worried. Does it say "No ballgames today-- AAAAAH!," or does it say "No ballgames today, let's french kiss!"? I may have to re-think this one...
The End, For Now.
Finished. The television looks more like the TV ideal of today rather than cr0-magnon TV. Also, in my eyes, the men no longer look like they're about to kiss. You may feel differently.
...I redrew almost everything but I don't think I managed to totally kill the freshness of the first rough. I may attempt more illustrations in this style; the result did not look the way I thought it was going to look. Fun for me!

The End Again.

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  1. I already love the color concept. Nice panic display!