An Old Fragment of Something

This is an oldie. I read somewhere that when drawing digitally-- in the traditional pen & ink style-- it was best to do so in bitmap mode. I started drawing the page above and couldn't stand it. I finished this one and another page but the jagged edges were far too annoying.

There was a larger story here, but I've lost track of it and I don't think I wrote it down anywhere. Typical. It wasn't a complete story but it was enough to give me the traction I needed to move from one panel to the next with an idea of where it was going. I can make stuff up as I go along but I prefer to have a structure of some sort to cling to.

I know she was an archaeologist searching for signs of civilization on the surface of Mars. On the next page she is attacked by Martian "savages," but the drawings aren't very good and I didn't get around to coloring them.
The End.