Charles Dana Gibson and Charles Angelo Siringo

Head Sketchbook Project revistited:
...My "Head Sketchbook Project" has stumbled, fallen down and bled to death on the sidewalk-- only twelve posts in about a year. I had the goal of filling a book with head drawings; scanning them, posting them; making use of the blog to encourage some specific practice on my part, but that has been a failure. Time to rethink it, rev it up and try again.
...I've taken on a smaller book-- about 3 inches by 5-- so that I can easily carry it with me; so that only one head fits comfortably on each page, effectively restricting my tendency to cram head upon head on each blank sheet. Nothing crushes my momentum like one badly drawn head ruining other, less horribly drawn heads simply by being next to them.
...I will doodle from reference; most often photos and the work of other artists. I'm not necessarily aiming for accuracy in likeness-- although I hope, as I improve, that quality will naturally fall into place-- I'm chiefly concerned with observing and absorbing a wide variety of features, so that when I draw from my imagination I will have a greater range of invention.

The End.