(To be read aloud, with deep voice and a cowboy accent. Excerpted from "Quick Draw Pete's Bloody Revenge," a one-act play by Fontaine "Colt" Sneckler, 1954.)
...Many are the tough-minded hombres who have laughed at the fiesty fellow from Injun Meadows Gulch. He is a peculiar sight and might bring a chuckle to the throat of the uncouth cusotmer who finds humor in the unusual characteristics of others.
...He is tense and walks stiff legged. He speaks in a high, shaky voice, slurring his 's' sounds. He blinks a lot and so dense and so large are his eyelids that you can hear a tiny, wet sound when upper lid slaps lower.
...That might seem funny to folks who don't know about him and, like I said, many are the tough-minded hombres who have laughed. Yes, and a good number of those hombres are rounding up cattle for Jesus.
...Laugh too hard and he will call you out. "Shay your prayersh, varmitt," he's been known to say. And that is how it goes.
...He faces you and waits until you are ready. Still and stiff he poses like a statue, chubby hands out and over the butts of his six-shooters, a fierce grimace draws the corners of his mouth down. Silent he stands, save for the tiny lip-smacking sounds of his blinking.
...When you are ready-- your belt tight, your holster tied down, your hands poised to grab iron-- he stops blinking. He stares at you with those eyes, and you know they see all and they are just waitin' for your hands to move, or even twitch. Suddenly, he ain't so funny anymore.

The End

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