Girls and Robots!

It can be fun to take a quick, dumb sketch and spend way too much time polishing it up-- and it was.

...I do most of my work in a panicky rush. On the job-- even if there appears to be plenty of lead time on an illustration assignment-- other projects and the daily grind destroy the cushion, leading me to frantic finish after frantic finish. At home, weekend chores and the accursed commute can make a fragmented wreck of my art-time-- I seem to finish most of my "for fun" drawings in haste before setting off to work.

...With the chosen theme of "Girls and Robots", I did the black and white sketch in just a few minutes. I scanned it, and I was going to color it simply and let it go, but I started rendering his head and I was swept up in the challenge of the thing. I decided to commit a couple hours to it and just have fun.
...I wasn't terribly creative with the original drawing of the girl, and I was considering erasing her out of the picture; but, as I began fleshing in her legs, I started liking her better. I thought of her as a plastic action figure. She can bend slightly at the waist, and her arms and elbows can bend. I put a seam around her neck so she could turn her head, probably all the way around. It made her more interesting to me than she was.
The End.