More Steampunkery

Long time no post! I took a brief computer hiatus in regards to drawing on the computer-- all other computer activity was at the usual high-level-- to give my wrist and shoulder a rest. Going to work and grinding out 9-10 hours on the tablet and then coming home to paint, sitting in the same pose, can bring about serious discomfort if I don't ease off now and then.

...I'm still committed to the Steampunk Legend project although I haven't done much with it. Here is a sample of the little progress I have made, and I hope so be able to show more advancement soon... although I do have a lot to do this week.
...This is a study for the design of the Black Knight. I'm not yet completely sold on the composition of the final painting so this may change drastically.
The End.
p.s. The idea here is he's on tracks, like a train. Sure, it limits his mobility, but it increases his coolness factor. I think.


  1. I'm diggin' these steampunk pieces.

    All this guy's missing is a brass or iron chimney/smokestack at the back ;)

  2. Does he have Minions that run around in front of him and build tracks?