What a Rube!

Last week, I drew this for one of Dan Borenstein's opinion pieces that ran in the Contra Costa Times. In the article he compared the complexities of California's public finances to a Rube Goldberg device, so I was asked to fill up some space with a Goldbergian cartoon.
...Rube Goldberg was brilliant. His inventions -- however ludicrous -- make sense. Brilliant, ludicrous and sensible are not my specialties. Public finances are also outside my realm of understanding -- with a smattering of coins in my pocket I have to drop all of them into the soda machine and press the button before I know for sure whether or not I have enough for a Coke.
...Instead of cleverness I went for a simple, nonsensical cartoon. Quarter to dime to nickle to penny -- I know that's how my bank account works. I tossed in a little Arnold, too, just because he is Governator and when he's left office I'll wish that I drawn many more Arnolds. I'm not really an editorial cartoonist but what an amazing windfall he has been for that profession. We can only hope the rules will be changed and he can run for president. What great fun that would be. OH! Perhaps Palin could be V.P.! God, let it be so!
...Eh. Forget it. Bad idea. But if it happens I know we can really work with it.


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