I'm back...

This is an editorial illustration that ran in Sunday's Contra Costa Times and several other MediaNews newspapers. Drawn in Photoshop!

The column -- by Brewster Kahle for the Washington Post -- considers the potential outcome and effects of an impending ruling in a lawsuit filed by authors and publishers against Google. Google has undertaken a book-scanning project that appears to be stomping all over the toes of copyright laws, and its possible they will make money off of some books and have total control over works that, by law, are not theirs. Google's really getting on my nerves lately.

This is my quick and simple concept for this illustration. My original idea for the "Google-key" was to replicate thier logo with one, long piece of iron bent into that shape. I had only a couple of hours to work on this so it was a compromise for completion. The drawing is alright, I guess-- I had fun drawing the book!

* * * * *

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted -- I hope someone is still out there looking at this once in a while. I've been exceptionally busy at work and pretty burned out by the time I get home; I'm really hating most of my "computer-time" lately. Hopefully, it's just a phase.

I have another silly little illustration to show (I'll probably blog that tomorrow) and I have a personal project in the works that I'm enjoying, so I think I can find some more enthusiasm and pick up the pace around these parts. Stay tuned.

The End

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  1. This illustraiton is for librarians like myself who use the Internet/google and books day in, day out. Like this a lot!