Goofing Around

A loose doodle. I wanted to practice freestyle landscape Bob Ross style. No reference, that might be why it's not very good.

Well, I did look at a few pictures after it was almost done, searching for some clues on how improve it. I found a little bit of help and started to "fix" it, but I could be here all day doing that. Good 'nuff for the doodleblog.

The ENd


  1. art fan akoMay 05, 2009

    No reference? Looks pretty good to me.

  2. Wery nice blog! I like your works and your style!

  3. Thanks, very nice of you both to say so.

  4. I like your style, the natural form of your work is very nice, I like that. See you!

  5. thanks for stop'n by my blog not too long ago.

    awesome work here