Quick & Feeble Post

After a long and horribly busy stretch I have this!

This -- and that lame scribble in the previous post -- is all I have accomplished in the past month or two.
...Look! See! One hastily crafted sketch, which I then-- with similar haste-- colored in Photoshop.
...There is no point. He is simply a ridiculous, aimless doodle. I felt I had to give him a pistol so he might be taken seriously.
...I foresee spare time in the weeks ahead and I'm hoping I can remember how to draw. If so, I will share.

...Pencil and brush pen on inexpensive Japanese calligraphy paper-- the kind whereupon, with each stroke of the pen, the ink spreads out in willy-nilly fashion!
The End


  1. If the pistol was not serious enough, the apparent levitation skills are!

  2. Yeah, I suppose I should've blotted that little line out. I didn't see it until AFTER I posted it. But by then I thought, eh, no one else'll notice. Now I can't see it any other way.