What the...?

Again, it has been a long time since I've posted. Busy with my job, busy with my other job, busy with chores and busy with visitations.
...Here I am, trying to start this up again. Alas, I haven't done anything new except for a small collection of head drawings (surprise), but here's something a little different.

This is... well, I have to idea what this is. I did it-- years ago-- I kinda remember it, but I couldn't tell you why. It has to be one of my first digital paintings. There is a very transparent glazing building up of color and layers; something I was fascinated with when I began drawing on the computer. I don't see any textured brushes used here either, so this was done before that discovery, as well.
...No point to it, I'm guessing. It was probably just an exercise in painting with photoshop, back when it was new and exciting!



  1. Thanks Dominic! I wonder what I was thinking? I used to do scary-surreal stuff just for kicks; rarely showed any of it. Maybe I should try it again...