Sad Holiday, Part Two

Here's the finished version of Monday's post. I've had a terribly busy week; a week chock-full of misadventure, misfortune, anxiety and calamity. Due to these troubles I missed a couple of days at work and had very little time to complete this project.
...Fortunately, my deadline had a little wiggle room and I was able to get a few hours at the very end with which to tidy this up and make it presentable. It's not nearly what I had been hoping for in terms of craftsmanship, but-- to be honest-- that rarely is possible in my profession anyway.
...Jeez, am I whining today? I think this picture is making me sad.
...Created in Photoshop, with a touch of Illustrator for the patterns on a couple of the colorful papers the characters are set upon.

The End 

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