A Dam Graphic

Almost forgot about this one! This ran a couple of weeks ago in the San Mateo County Times and then again, later, in the Mercury News-- I think. Maybe it was the other way around. I didn't see it in print.

You see, I do these things and then move on to the next project. I'm not very sentimental when it comes to my work. "Done!" I say, as I shake my hand to get the blood back to the fingers: "Next!"

I only had a couple of days to put this one together. I was a little nervous when I started-- I wasn't sure I was smart enough to figure out a way to show-and-tell this. What do I know about dams? A nifty side-effect of a project like this is you get to learn something.

I'm fairly happy with it, considering the rush. I was slightly worried as I worked on it; I wasn't certain I was going finish it in time. In the final 3 or 4 hours of work, it took shape and became a thing I could recognize. I enjoy that moment when you know that you have tamed the thing, and that it IS going to work after all.

I put this together in Illustrator. I refrained from resorting to photoshop, although all my instincts pulled in that direction. I've been studying Illustrator, trying to learn more so I can do more-- this was a real test to see if any of my studies had stuck to my brain.

It ain't a thing of beauty, but I made it! I learned a few things and the deadline was met.


The End.

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